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"Episode 8"Series finale - The Sharrows' rivalry hits boiling point and Yeardley is set a huge challenge. Opechancanough makes a move that will forever change Jamestown

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"Episode 7"Jocelyn's journey upriver throws life into jeopardy. Maria and Temperance team up against Yeardley, while disaster looms for the Sharrows.

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The relationship between Alice Kett and Silas Sharrow Alice arrived to Jamestown to wed Henry Sharrow, Silas' eldest brother. However, when she arrives and sees Silas waiting for her at the wharf, Alice falls in love with him and believes him to be her betrothal. To worsen Alice’s circumstances, not only Silas is kind and welcoming, the Sharrow brother she’s to marry is a shell of a man and commits a horrifying crime by forcing himself on her. However, Henry is presumed dead after an explosion on his boat. Silas and Alice are now free to consummate their passion, but Alice has also caught the eye of the blacksmith of Jamestown, James Read, who, unlike Silas, can afford to pay for Henry’s debt.
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