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Season Three of Jamestown is eight episodes long. It premiered on April 26, 2019 on Sky One at 9 p.m.[1][2]. The renewal of Jamestown for a third season was announced by Sky One on March 23, 2018[3]. It was revealed to be the final season of the series on March 12, 2019[4].


Virginia, 1622. In the show’s third and final season, with trade booming and the tobacco farms established, the settlers’ pioneering aspiration soon clashes with reality as they begin to strive for more than new lives – now they crave control and power. The flourishing community creates new tensions between the English and the Pamunkey, and with politics rife in the air, the idealism of the New World is tested. As Yeardley’s thirst for power grows, can he handle the consequences? And how far will Opechancanough go to protect his native land?


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Off-screen Characters[]

  • King James of England (8/8 episodes)



  • Bill Gallagher (8/8 episodes)


  • John Alexander (?/8 episodes)


  • Bill Gallagher – executive producer (8/8 episodes)
  • Nigel Marchant – executive producer (8/8 episodes)
  • Anne Mensah – executive producer (8/8 episodes)
  • Gareth Neame – executive producer (8/8 episodes)
  • Richard Fell - executive producer (8/8 episodes)
  • Sue de Beauvoir – co-executive producer (8/8 episodes)


Season Promotional Quotes[]

  • Every corner of my eyes sees enemies

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  • All season was filmed in Hungary even though the scenery takes place in 17th century Virgini
  • Two main character (Nicholas Farlow and Pedro) were killed off this season
  • Alice Sharrow left Jamestown and returned to England early in the season
  • Sky One decided to cancel Jamestown and therefore Season 3 is the final season of the series